Gardening with AlienCG

Please stay tuned after this week's photo for a special message regarding Monday's feature.  This week, I have some bad news, the tomato plants are gone.  I pulled them on Saturday morning because they were all dried up and dead.  The cucumbers will be going next.  Luckily, I still have lettuce growing, but you will have to peek through the weeds.

This is my baby leaf lettuce. It's a good flavorful mix of greens.Now then, onto that announcement:

We are coming to the end of another growing season here at Alien Gardens.  So, I need something to replace this feature for the winter.  Since I don't grow houseplants and weekly pictures of my fake plant would not be thrilling, I will be filling this Monday space with a new feature.  During the fall and winter months when gardening isn't very possible, Mondays will be dedicated to Science and Technology.  I will let you know when the garden is gone (and I'll probably have the pictures).

I will be going out of town tomorrow for a few days to Wisconsin.  It just sort of came up, but I will have a Trivial Tuesday question and my #2 Influential Album.  I know I have posted a little more often than, but I feel like it's a lot easier these days.  Have a good evening.