Trivial Tuesday Answer

Normally, I would just post the answer to Trivial Tuesday as a comment or a quick mention prior to another post.  This time, the answer is worthy of it's own post. Let's review:
Throughout the history of the modern games (since 1896, Athens) many events have come and gone over the past 112 years.  Some were simply demonstration and others were for medals.  Name as many as you can.  Bonus points for anyone who can name the two events that were taken out of the Summer Games in 1920, but still remain Olympic events.
Basque pelota, Cricket, Croquet, Golf, Jeu de paume, Lacrosse, Polo, Rackets, Roque, Rugby union, Tug of war, Water motorsports.  I admit, many of these events would never have crossed your minds, but it's fun bringing you these questions.  Oh, and the bonus answers? Figure skating and Ice hockey were once included in the Summer Olympics program prior to the beginning of the Winter Games. The following events were never officially included in the games, but they were included as demonstration sports:
American football (1904 and 1932), Australian rules football (1956), Ballooning (1900), Bowling (1988), Boules (1900), Budo (1964), Field handball (1952), Finnish baseball (1952), Glima (1912), Gliding (1936), Kaatsen (1928), Korfball (1920 and 1928), La canne (1924), Surf lifesaving (1900), Longue paume (1900), Motorsport (1900), Roller hockey (1992), Savate (1924), Swedish (Ling) gymnastics (1948), Weight training with dumbbells (1904), Water skiing (1972)
I hope this gives you some useless information to amaze your friends and loved ones.  I haven't decided if I am going to go one more week with the Olympic trivia or not.  You'll just have to wait and find out.