Mom Gets the Credit for #3

OK, #3 seems a bit unlikely for me, but it's not, it's right on target.  This album came out about a year and a half before their most popular album.  It contains some of my favorite songs and the instrumental at the third band of the LP was used as the soundtrack to the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy radio program on the BBC.  This album that might have you wondering by now is...

#3 Eagles--One of These Nights

One of These Nights by the Eagles is an excellent album, but sometimes gets overshadowed by their next album which was Hotel California.  Some of the songs that make this album great are "Lyin' Eyes," The Title Track, and "Journey of the Sorcerer."  The last one is the instrumental that was used as the soundtrack.  If you need a classic album with some really good music, pick this one up.  This is always a fun feature, but there are only two weeks left.