This has truly become the month of change.  Not only have I changed my blog site, but I am in the process of changing my blog's name.  Evil-E has moved his whole blog into a new place with a new look.  Tara changed the look of her site, Babybull changed the name and look of her blog.  This change has also moved into my real life as I have recently been migrated into the back office at work.  It's not a private office, but I only share with one other person and it is away from the main production area.  It's considerably quieter back here and I am not the first technician spotted when it comes to customer calls.  At the moment I am waiting for the cable to come in so I can finish running my phone, but that means I'm not getting disturbed.  Trivial Tuesday is coming up later, so watch for it.  Have a good day.