Oh, the Irony

I have been in 23 different states, 2 Canadian provinces and more cities than I count.  I have driven countless cars, including 3 different vehicles in one day.  I have driven on county roads with no street lights in the dead of night and busy bypasses during rush hour.  I've done all of this in the past three and a half years.  So where is the irony in ths story?  During this time I have never even been looked at by an officer of the law for any reason.  I go to the store on Monday evening, pull in the driveway and I got pulled over by a police officer in the driveway.  It turns out he clocked me going 13 over the speed limit.  I was in the wrong, I know, but seeing that I have logged a lot of miles in various vehicles it just seems a bit stupid that I get nailed about 2 miles from home.  Well, I will pay my fine and life will go on for me.  Have a good evening.