I Just Don't Understand

I have been watching the Olympics since they started (technically, since before they started). I know Soccer (Football, or Futbol), Basketball, Swimming and even Gymnastics along with many of the other events.  There are a few events that I don't understand.  They may confuse you as well.

Synchronized Diving--While I am talking about this event as a whole, I would like to focus on the mens' event.  There's something a little creepy about two men in those small Speedos jumping together off of a board or platform.  Where does this get you in life?  Can you put this on a resume?

Greco-Roman Wrestling--Apologies to anyone who was a GR Wrestler.  Let's see if I could describe it the way I see it.  Two guys in singlets try to grab each other for a minute.  Then after one minute a guy in a suit pulls a red or blue ball out of a bag.  One of the competitors (the opposite of the color pulled) gets down on his hands and knees while his opponent tries to grab him.  This sport doesn't look like my type of thing.  Maybe if one of them grabbed a chair and hit the other.

Baseball and Softball--Yes, I understand the sports.  I do not understand why the IOC is removing both of these in the 2012 games.  Apparently, softball is getting pulled because the American women have dominated ths sport.  Well, boohoo.  If other countries don't like it, step up.  Get out there and practice.  Baseball is getting the axe because the major professional organizations refuse to suspend their seasons to send their best.  This includes the US and Japan.  I don't think the minor league players are all that bad.  The Olympics are also supposed to be for amateurs, not professional athletes.

This is all I have for the moment, but I will post more as I see stuff.  Have a good Friday.