Countdown to What?

As you may recall, I finished my video game countdown last week with two titles at number one.  Now it seems I am in need of another idea for the next five or ten weeks.  Give me some ideas.  I may use all of them or it may spawn a whole different idea.  Who knows? So I am back in Minneapolis, right by the airport to catch my flight home in the morning.  The weenie-van is all gassed up and ready to go back to the rental car lot.  Soon I will be back behind the wheel of my Mazda Protege 5.  When I got into Minnesota yesterday it had not yet snowed around these parts, so what are the odds that it would snow on the full day I was in town?  Apparently, very good.  It snowed last night, leaving a layer of fluffy, white powder on top of the soccer-mom mobile (my rental "car").  Fortunately, I was only a mile or two away from the company and the roads were clear on my way back to the twin cities.  I'm going home tomorrow, so I will post from there.  Have a good evening, and don't forget the countdown ideas (everybody, please post different ones).