With Much Love for My Stuff

OK, I know Christmas is coming and it's the season of love and peace all that Hallmark crap and Laura B. chose the word, LOVE, for this week.  I could have gone in the happy, holiday season direction and posted picture of my family and talked about how much I love them (which I do, don't get me wrong).  My family absolutely rules, including Evil-E, but they know that and most of you know that too.  So instead, I decided to go in the direction of my materialistic side.  Yes, I love stuff. I love my new iPod and I know I took a picture last week, but I didn't really show any scale.  Here it is in my big, ol' paw.  It's not very big at all, but it currently contains 4,327 songs. I love the Internet, too.  The black thing is the cable modem, the white thing is one of my speakers (I love those, too). Before I left work for the last time, last Friday, I had to grab this off my desk.  It was a present from the CFO who is a huge Office Space fan.  I have never used this stapler to staple TPS reports, though.  Now I totally feel like Milton. I hope you enjoyed this little, gratuitous walk into my shallow and material side.  Have a good weekend, but come back tomorrow for my Planet Flashback post.