Oh, Here I am

OK, I did fail to mention my latest trip which sent me to Atlanta, GA.  It wasn't a bad trip since I flew nonstop and I figured out the problem rather quickly.  I made it back to "The ATL" last night and got a hotel room and grabbed some food.  I was too tired to post anything yesterday so I didn't (it's my blog and when I'm here, I am in charge).  The hotel was right by the airport so it was pretty convenient to get back there today, but it was "RIGHT BY THE AIRPORT."  OK, let me put it this way, walk about 40 feet from the bed in my room to the middle of the parking lot and face to the right and look past the street and the trees and about a quarter mile away is the end of the runway.  Yes, the hotel was right in the landing path and the location was not quite condusive to a good night's sleep. I had to wait until I heard from my boss before I could go back to the airport.  My flight was at 12:30pm and I didn't drop my rental car off until a little after 11.  I don't know if anybody here has ever experienced Atlanta Hartsfield/Jackson, but it is not, by any means, small.  Each concourse is about 1000 feet apart and I was back in D which is 4000  feet down from security and I had an hour before take-off.  They have a tram that goes to each concourse, but I wanted to get some exercise so I hoofed.  I did make it with plenty of time to spare.  There were only 9 people on the flight and I had the exit row all to myself.  My flight was on time and I got into the house by 3:00.  So there you have it.  I will resume Trivial Tuesday next week.  Have a good evening.