#1 Vs. #1

This week I am giving thanks and today is my day to give thanks for video games.  Last week I revealed #3 in my countdown of favorite games of all-time, this week I am revealing #1.  Where's #2?  Well, I'll get to that in due time.  Here are some facts about the #1 game in my countdown.
  1. The main character is the only one who could possibly rescue the princess from the villian.
  2. You have to battle the minions of the villians as you travel toward the final goal.
  3. The final goal always involves a final battle with the evil villian.
  4. The evil villian seemingly returns in every game (with exceptions).
  5. The character that you're playing as doesn't seem to fit the role of hero.
  6. Of course, the character has the ability to improve through power-ups.
  7. The main character also has this innate ability to appear in other games.
  8. The main character has gone through an evolution throughout the years.
So, have you figured out what my #1 game is yet?  I am going to let you guess until I get home tonight when I will edit this post to reveal the answer. -----------------EDITED 6:35pm----------------- So, what game is it?  It's not A game.  Because of my addiction to both, my number one game is actually two games.  Churlita and Tara guessed half right when they each said Mario Bros. games. There is another game that fits the above formula.  It's not a side-scroller, but and adventure game that has been around almost as long the original NES.  It was sold as a gold cartridge and was the first to have a backup battery.  What is this series? The Legend of Zelda series, from the original all the way to Twilight Princess.  Yes, both of these games are my favorite titles of all time.  Choosing a better of these two would be like a parent choosing a favorite child.  There you have it, another countdown completed.