I'm not Quite Street

Hi, sorry for the scarcity here this week, but other things have come up and I was left too tired to post.  What was it?  All apologies, but I cannot talk about that at the moment.  It's nothing bad or scary, just not my place to talk about it. This week's word was chosen by our resident Iowan, Churlita, and she chose STREET.  Obviously because she knows I'm a thug from the mean streets of Parma, OH.  As a matter of fact, here's a mean STREET sign from Parma. Of course, not all of my time has been spent working hard.  I did buy myself a new toy recently (to go with the other new toy I bought about a month ago).  So here's a picture of a STREET preacher from Grand Theft Auto IV for the XBox 360. Have a good rest of the weekend.  Peace, love, soul and stay street.