Sink or Swim?

The big debate in Washington these days is whether to bail out the American automobile industry with taxpayer dollars.  My personal feeling is mixed and I would like to share this.  I know, you're wondering what this has to my Tech Monday topic, but trust me, I can twist it to fit. The automotive industry in our country has been in a self-induced coma for many, many, many years.  Now, after they dug themselves into a mighty deep hole, they want part of this $700 Billion bailout package.  Part of me wants to let them solve their own problems and declare Chapter 11 and restructure.  The other part of me wants to give them the money, but only under the most strict conditions.  Either way, the final result takes the same path.  The industry needs to change their business model, improve their products and become viable once again.  They need to realize that the days of the 10MPG gas-guzzlers are over with (don't be fooled by the oil prices) and people want to buy less gas.  The automotive industry needs to move into the present and towards the future.  No company can introduce a new fuel if the cars aren't built to use it.  The car companies need to work with fuel companies to come up with new fuel and engine.  That, to me, should be a condition of the bailout (among others).  The companies should have to work their way to the future and come up with something new and technolically advanced.