Awarded for Nothing

Tara, over at Eclectic Spaghetti, and Mrs. Big Hairy Woman, over at The Northern Sky Chronicles have bestowed upon me a most prestigious award (No, not a Pyrite Moron Award).  This makes me happy.  Thank you, Tara, I really appreciate it.  Unfortunately, I did not prepare an acceptance speech and my tuxedo is at the cleaners.  I would like to thank my handlers, my press people, my stylist, my dog's stylist, my agent, my bodyguards, my butler and maid and of course, my parole officer for making all of this possible. I would like to think that this major award is for my many charitable acts through this blog, but since I don't do charity, it must be because I inspire the many, many visitors to my blog.  Actually, it could just be that my name was on a list and it was decided that I haven't been tagged for a while for anything.  I post this award with great pride, thank you all. Now I have to tag some blogs to receive this award.  So, who do I like? Cricket BeckEye Evil-E Renee Mr. Manuel Yes, I have tagged three blogs, one of which has officially announced its closing, but I like all of these.  I realize I am supposed to tag 10 blogs, but I don't visit that many and those that I do visit have already been tagged by others.