Man Sues Over Name Usage

SCRANTON, PA--A Scranton man is suing Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), former Vice Presidential candidate, over excessive use of his name during the last couple months of the presidential campaign.  Joseph D. Sykspak, a welder from Scranton, filed this suit after he started receiving criticism over his "support" of the Republican candidates. "It was funny at first, but soon it just started getting out of hand and I had to do something about it," Sykspak told reporters, "I didn't support either candidate in this election, but people assumed I was "in the tank" for McCain and Palin. Sykspak, along with his long time friend and colleague, Joseph T. Plummer have been running a grassroots effort to fully reestablish the Whig party.  "The events of the past two months have really hampered our efforts and lost us a lot of credibility."  Sykspak, nor his lawyer, will disclose the total amount he is looking for, but as he states, "It will be enough to send a message and regain my good name." Neither Governor Palin nor the Republican party were available for comment.  We will be following this story.