#4 has Soul

I first play this game on the Nintendo GameCube.  Many hours were spent playing this game both by myself (in story mode) and with my buddy Ed (in one-on-one mode).  Soul Calibur is simply a fighting game, but utilizing weapons.  It all started years ago with Street FIghter.  The there was Mortal Kombat, but these games were introduced in the arcade and didn't translate so well to the home console.  Soul Calibur started on the Sega Dreamcast console and has gotten better since. Soul Calibur 2 was the first version to be available to all of the big name consoles of the time.  There was a catch, though.  Each console had a different bonus character.  Tekken's Heihachi was featured on the Playstation 2, MacFarlane's Spawn was featured on XBox and Legend of Zelda's Link was featured on the GameCube.  I have played all three versions and the GameCube version is, in my honest opinion, the best version. Soul Calibur is now in it's fourth installment along with the special chapter, Soul Calibur Legends.  The latest features Darth Vader and Yoda from, of course, Star Wars.  I have yet to play this version, but I will.  If you have a home console, whether it's the current generation or the previous, there is a version of Soul Calibur for you.  Have a good evening.