Can't You Read?

I know, tonight is supposed to be a post about technology, but I have something I haven't done in a while.  I would like to regail all of you with a little story.  I was at my usual grocery shopping spot to get a gallon of milk which was on sale for $2.50 (normally it's $3.29 or more).  I didn't bother grabbing a cart since all I needed was the milk.  I did find a couple other things I needed, but nothing major, so I got them and went to stand in the express line.  There were a few people in line, but since it's a cash only line.  The milk and the gallon of windshield washer fluid were getting heavy, but there were only two more people in front of me.  The next guy stepped up, paid for his stuff, got his change and receipt and now...he's looking at his receipt...he's complaining about the price he paid because he didn't read the sign.  The sign for whatever he was buying stated that a certain number had to be purchased in order to get the sale price.  He still complained.  The girl told him that's what the sign stated.  He didn't want them now and wanted his money.  The cashier couldn't give a refund, that had to be taken care of at customer service.  So, he complained, he bitched, he gave that sigh of discontent.  So, for this display of illiteracy, I give to you Mr. Want-to-name-your-own-price a very special item.  No coupon necessary, no strings attached, all you have to do is wait in line behind three check-payers in order to claim your coveted Pyrite Moron Award.  For those of you that don't know, why pyrite?  Because no moron is worth gold.  Have a good evening.