I Built Up to #7

The video game countdown has returned this week after a week off due to tiredness. Who would ever think that urban planning and development could be fun?  Well, it is.  Sim City let's you take the reins as the mayor of a new city and build it up from nothing to a metropolis.  Many things stand in your way including money, popular opinion, natural disaster and the city itself.  This game was created by Will Wright when he had more fun making maps for another games than playing the game he was designing.   I first played this game when it was out for the Super Nintendo System.  There have been many versions of this game and it spawned many spin-offs including Sim Farm, Sim Ant and of course, the blockbuster smash, The Sims.  Sim City 4 even went so far as to incorporate Sims to tell you how your city is doing.  This game is must-play for anyone who likes strategy and logic-based games.  If you have never played any of these games, you may become addicted. I always enjoy discussing my favorite things.  This one is getting better and more fun to discuss.  Have a good evening.