Favorite Freebies

With the economy in the state it's in at the current time, we all could all use some free stuff.  So tonight, I am going to recommend some of my favorite free software to help you run your computer.  Some of these were covered on the old site, but they are worth repeating.
  1. Evernote--Evernote is a continuous notepad, but far more robust.  It uses categories and sub-categories to keep everything sorted and easy to find.  The free download allows use of the advanced functions for 60 days.  Once the trial period ends, the software is still highly useful.
  2. OpenOffice--You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Office?  You don't have to.  OpenOffice is a fully compatible productivity suite that costs nothing.  I'm currently using it and I really like it.
  3. Mozilla Anything--Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird are just solid programs.  Granted, I like Chrome, but Firefox is totally functional and is fully W3C compatible which is the web standard.  Thunderbird is an excellent e-mail program with the available Sunbird calendar add-on.  I like these programs because they don't hog up your precious CPU cycles.
  4. GIMP--This the GNU Image Manipulation Program.  This isn't an exact PhotoShop clone, but it also isn't an MS Paint clone.  It's another robust open-source program, but it takes some time to learn the small details.
  5. Google Earth--Admittedly, I have not used this program for anything important.  I just like looking at the satelite views of famous landmarks.  There are paid versions that have more functions, but $20 isn't worth it and $400 is just excessive.
I hope you enjoyed my efforts to save you moey in these times of financial uncertainty.  Try these suggestions out and if you'd like, please share your favorite freebies.  Have a good evening.