It's as Good as Gold

I still laugh at this one, which would end up being an award winner.  For those of you that don't know, I gave out quite a few of what I called, "The Pyrite Moron Award."  This is because no moron deserves gold.
December 7, 2006 10:38 PM Surviving SYR Home I'm finally at home after dealing with the prospect of a cancelled flight and having to fly into another airport. It didn't happen, but my flight was delayed for about an hour. Again, it was a near-empty flight (only about 15 people) and the exit row was empty, so I moved. Those are the rock star seats on the little Embrayer jets. I had the two seats all to myself and was quite comfortable. Back to the terminal for a little something for the Misfit. I discovered another species at the airport, "The self-important, need someone to blame for the delay, guy." He's the one that comes running up to the gate only to find out that the flight is delayed and gets visibly upset. First he starts making phone calls to, presumably, his wife and his boss or associate. He paces the floor, waiting for a representative of the airline to find out why the plane is delayed. Hey, jackass, repeat after me...THE FLIGHT IS DELAYED. No amount of pacing or sighing or asking other people what they heard is going to make that plane arrive any earlier. It's out of your hands, so get over it. Don't give the gate agent any shit about making your connection, the airline knows and they will accomidate you in any way they can. While your waiting, I have something for you, it's here in my carry-on. It's a custom-made Pyrite Moron Award.
I should really start giving these out again.  I have a few conteders.  Have a good rest of the weekend.