What a Suitable Month for #5

Castlevania is, as you may have guessed, a story of Dracula (many stories and sequels, actually).  It started off as a typical platformer for the NES, but allowed you make wrong turns and have to double back.  There are plenty of creatures that get in your way and keep you from your ultimate goal...defeating the ultimate evil, Dracula. You play as Simon Belmont and are looking to save the world from the evil of Dracula.  Weilding your trusty whip, Morning Star, you venture into Dracula's Castle and face off against some of the toughest bosses until you make to the prince of darkness himself. Many sequels have been spawned from this game, most follow the quest of the Belmont family, but there are other titles that are offshoots of the original, including the Symphony of Darkness series for the Nintendo DS.  This game truly stands up to the test of time.  If you have the Wii, Castlevania and Simon's Quest are available on Virtual Console.  Have a good evening and check out this series of horror inspired games if you dare.