There's a Brain Behind #6

Take a really cool suit that can turn into a ball and lay down mines, add even more cool weapons and a maze of a map and what do you get?  You get one of the all-time great Nintendo franchises.  This is Metroid.  The cool suit-wearing hero isn't Metroid, it's Samus Aran and she is going after Mother Brain (get it?  The title and all?).  So what's a Metroid?  The picture at the right is an actual Metroid.   The original game was introduced back in 1987 (1986 in Japan).  It was a side-scrolling platform game, but it allowed the player to make decisions and go to other areas of the map that may not be necessary at that moment.  This would make it a non-linear game.  Metroid is one of the three legacy franchises for Nintendo. Throughout the game, Samus Aran is given various mini-missions that all lead up to the grand finale.  She gets more powerful weapons and new abilities to make the adventure easier passable.  And yes, Samus Aran is a female hero and total badass.  I bought the original and Super Metroid for the Wii virtual console.