Swamp Gas Ramblings

Hi.  First of all, I am making a controversial decision.  Laura B. got the list correct for Trivial Tuesday, but she also picked the category for the week.  I have decided to give her the credit for the win, but Babybull gets to choose next because she was the first to guess the most correct.  So, please, Babybull, give us the category.  Now on to stuff that is in my mind. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...and it's been downhill since then."  --AlienCG I think we have to seriously question the sanity of anybody who is willing to take on the job of president, especially in this day and age. The Dow fell more than 1000 points this week to about 8600 points, prompting a newscaster to ask, "How much lower can it go?"  Well, Mr. Perfect-Hair, do your math, 8600 (current avg.)-0 (lowest avg.)=8600.  There ya go, it can fall 8600 more points. Here's a question:  If John McCain is making Barack Obama out to be a terrorist and can't trust him, why is McCain so willing to share a stage and shake his hand?  I'm just asking because it seems a bit hypocritical.* I am going to call congress and ask for $100,000.  I figure it'll be the most reasonable request anybody has made lately. *AlienCG and Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections does not endorse either of these clowns for president.  Vote AlienCG in 2008.