Another Delay

I will return next week with Trivial Tuesday and my Video Game countdown.  I'm still tired from my trip, I tried to call the cable company to see if they'll lower my bill, but all they could do was tell me they're sorry I'm not happy.  My next move will be to satllite if they don't do something good. Evil-E got tagged for the word of the week, but he has decided to take an unspecified amount of time off from posting, so he asked me to give the word of the week.  This week's word is DULL. To answer dmarks's question about the SNAP links, go to the little gear-looking thing next to the magnifying glass on the top of that little window.  Click Disable and select for all sites.  Reload the page and none of the links will show up like that. Remember, the word of the week is DULL.  Let other's know since nobody knows that I'm tagged.