Episode 19: Never Break the Chain

I return with a solo episode to discuss chain letters, and one in particular that nearly fooled someone I know. This one seems to imply great fortune to anyone who mails it out and claims that it is perfectly legal to the point of using that term several times throughout the letter. It is illegal, and it will cost a lot of money with no real return. I have attached links to the images of the letter.

Chain Letter Pictures

Episode 18: Food Fauxtrition

We've all been handed some really bad nutrition advice throughout our lives. Food bloggers, TV doctors, and Aunt Janet have all given us really bad advice. For me, to follow the advice I was given by a trainer at the gym would have been an inconvenience, but for my guest, Stephanie, could have been fatal. 

Stephanie on Twitter: @heavydishongry

Episode 17: Creepy Clowns

Jason Reese joins me once again to discuss the rash of creepy clown sightings that seemed to begin in the UK and have taken hold in the US. Are they real, fake, dubious, or something else? We don't come to any conclusions, but we have some fun with this topic.

Jason can be found on Twitter @upinthisbrain

 In Search Of...Other Voices (Season 1, Episode 1) for the first panel discussion.

Clown sighting reported in another part of Arkansas, sheriff's office says

Psychology Reveals Why Clowns Are So Creepy--QZ

Social media post prompts lockouts at Antioch, Glencliff high schools

Creepy clown sightings reported in Washington

Clown threats: 1 arrest; Schools closed after attack reported

Episode 16: Anti-Science Echo Chambers

I'm back with a new episode after six months away. This episode discusses the ideas of groups on the Internet that promote ideas that go against the accepted science and use various tactics to further their cause. Dave Brodbeck joins me (again) to discuss these anti-science echo chambers and help to explain how science works.

Dave Brodbeck is a professor of psychology at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. He can be found on Twitter @dbrodbeck, DaveBrodbeck.com, and Spit and Twitches: The Animal Cognition Podcast

Exposing Pseudoastronomy Podcast

The Illuminati Social Club is now on Twitter @IlluminatiPod

In Search Of...Ideas

Yes, I am looking at getting this show back up and running after a long hiatus. I'm looking for ideas and suggestions from you, the listeners. I would also like to do discussion episodes about the show, In Search Of... which is available on YouTube. Find me on Twitter @AlienCG or use the Contact form on aliencg.com.

Episode 15: Cranberry Sauce

Up In This Brain Jason joins me again to discuss celebrities who may or may not be alive. We cover Elvis, Andy Kaufman, Tupac, Paul McCartney, Jim Morrison, Paul Walker, Bill Hicks, and David Bowie. It's a fun episode that doesn't accomplish much, but it was still fun to record.

Up In This Brain

Episode 14: The Chemists' War

On this episode, we examine what a real government conspiracy looks like. My friend, Chris Sandusky, joins me to discuss a quite diabolical scheme that resulted in the deaths of many, many people during Prohibition in 1920's America.

The Chemists' War Slate Article

Christopher Sandusky: The Clockwork Coyote shop

Episode 13: The Flat Earth...Again

After a two month hiatus I return with Dave Brodbeck as cohost to discuss comments regarding the shape of the earth. SPOILER ALERT: IT'S NOT FLAT. We discuss two comments on the episode that are long and rambling and dissect them line by line. We also ask the obvious question...To what end?

Note: There are a couple cuss words thrown about.

Bad Astronomy Apollo Moon Hoax

Professor Brian Cox Twitter

Dave Brodbeck Twitter

Episode 12: The Great White Fnord

In this episode, I am joined by Anthony Marco and Adam Gratrix of The Great White Fnord on the Talking is Dead Network as we discuss the Kennedy Assassination and then go off on several tangents from there. Also, I am anointed a Discordian Pope.

Anthony Marco

Adam Gratrix

The Talking is Dead Network

Episode 11: Talkin' Turkey, Class 1 Carcinogen

Does meat cause cancer? Is aluminum foil in the microwave a recipe for disaster? Plenty of discussion about cooking turkeys for your holiday plans. We also tease a future episode regarding food regulations and the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Candice Lepage: @cinn48

The Informant: A True Story
By Kurt Eichenwald

Episode 10: By the Numbers

Generally, people are bad at determining what's a safe bet and what's a risky bet. In other words, people suck at numbers. Dave Brodbeck returns once again to demystify statistics and probability. We go into several popular areas where people tend to lack understanding including political polls, the lottery, and everyday risks that we all take.

Spurious Correlations

Too Close to Call (Direct link to the significance worksheet)

Dave Brodbeck on YouTube

Episode 9: Creationism & Evolution

Marc Pelletier joins me on the show to discuss the theory of evolution and the belief in creationism in a calm and rational manner. While there are "old earth" creationists, the young earth creationists are the more vocal in American society and are also the ones trying to have their beliefs taught in our schools. There is quite a bit of science packed in here, but it's all accessible.

Futures in Biotech on TWiT.tv

All of his episodes can be found on iTunes and all other podcasting apps.

Episode 8: The Chemtrail Conspiracy

Dave Brodbeck returns to discuss chemtrails and the conspiracy theories around them. We spend some time getting sidetracked and attempt to discuss some of the reasons why people believe such odd things. There are a few uses of the F-word and we say bullshit, in a couple different contexts. I am labeling it "explicit" just to be cautious.

Dave Brodbeck can be found on Twitter @dbrobeck

Episode 7: Dream Interpretation

Kate joins me on this episode to discuss the pseudoscience of dream interpretation and analysis. What are dreams and why do we have them? Honestly, there is no scientific consensus, but it probably isn't to predict the future. We do go off on a tangent and discuss tarot cards and horoscopes, but really, aren't they all the same?

Episode 6: Geocentrism and the Flat Earth

Geocentrism and the flat earth are on the agenda for this week's episode as I fly solo once again. Why do some people believe that the earth is the center of the universe and why do they think it's flat? The evidence says otherwise, many conspiracy believers think that the evidence has been manipulated. I will definitely be revisiting this topic in the future with a guest if I can find one (if somebody would be willing to talk).

International Flat Earth Research Society

Episode 5: GMO Myths & the Science Behind Them

Kavin Senapathy is a science writer with The Genetic Literacy Project and SkepChick and is the co-founder of March Against Myths About Modification. She joins me on the show to discuss some of the myths about the anti-GMO movement and what science has to say about them.

Links: Kavin Senapathy Twitter | Facebook 

March Against Myths About Modification

Genetic Literacy Project


Episode 4: Grab Bag of Weird, Vol. 1

Jason Reese from Up In This Brain joins me this week to discuss oddball news stories from all over the internet. There's a Facebook calendar meme that drives me absolutely nuts because there is so much about it that isn't true. Jade Helm 15 update. A man shoots an armadillo that shoots back. HitchBot gets decapitated in the city of brotherly love. The Scape Ore Lizard Man is back. MH370 debris found? And we talk about a classic Dan Rather mugging moment.

Links: Up In This Brain Website, Links to subscribe to the podcast are there.

Episode 3: The Anti-Vaccine Movement

I sat down and talked to Dave Brodbeck about the anti-vax movement and had a fun discussion about vaccines and autism, between which there is no connection according to the scientific literature. Dave is an associate professor of psychology at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, and has an autistic son. I was a bit nervous, or just under the influence of nervous energy. I think this will be a topic worth revisiting for many more of the conspiracy angles that surround it.

PS--Remember, last week's episode does not exist.

Music: "Idiots Are Taking Over" by NOFX

Dave Brodbeck on Twitter

Spit and Twitches, the Animal Cognition Podcast

Episode 3: This Episode Does Not Exist

I know I said I wasn't doing a show this week, but this couldn't wait. Jade Helm 15 conspiracies blew up rather quickly and left me feeling a bit overwhelmed. I decided that I had to mention a couple of headlines that appeared to be written with this show in mind. I don't comment much on them, but they are pretty entertaining reads.

Satoru Iwata conspiracy

Pluto Truthers?

Episode 2: Jade Helm 15

Why all the fuss about a military training exercise in the US? I'm flying solo this week to discuss the upcoming exercise that the US military will be conducting in the southwestern part of the country. The exercise takes place from July 15 until September 15, 2015. Naturally, given the current administration and the paranoid state of the conspiracy theorists out there, this operation is getting some attention of the nutty kind.

Links: I AM Jade Helm, author Brad Taylor talks about the reality of Jade Helm 15

Here's that bizarre Nordic Aliens UFO COnspiracy