Saturday, July 15, 2017

And Now For Something Different


I can hear you asking where the blog is. It's here. Due to the high cost and low return (read: no return) of the previous site, I have decided to close that blog and retire all of the writings. I still have them, as well as the photos and the podcasts. I'm starting anew on the personal side of things. I have moved podcast hosting to, and the blog is now hosted on Blogger. The Illuminati Social Club is intact and on its own blog over at All of the past episodes have been uploaded and there is a new feed for the podcast (the old one was deleted by Apple).

Once I get back to personal podcasting, I will set up a new feed and get it listed on iTunes and wherever else I can so that it's easy to subscribe to. Anyway, please listen to The Showhole and Smooth Sailing.

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